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Personnel Movements
Week #1 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Tai Streets
 Sheep Chasers 
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Rod Gardner
 Dead in the Sights 
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Josh Reed
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Ashley Lelie
09/02/03 Picked Up RB Justin Fargas
 Ditka's Little Sluts 
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Todd Pinkston
09/02/03 Picked Up QB Kerry Collins
09/02/03 Picked Up K Phil Dawson
 Reef Runner Renegades 
09/02/03 Picked Up QB Jon Kitna
09/02/03 Picked Up QB Marc Bulger
09/02/03 Picked Up RB Michael Pittman
 Beaver Eaters 
09/04/03 Dropped RB James Stewart
09/04/03 Picked Up RB Olandis Gary
09/02/03 Picked Up Def Baltimore Defense
 Minot Mayhem 
09/02/03 Picked Up Def Tennessee Defense
09/02/03 Picked Up TE Wesley Walls
09/02/03 Picked Up K Morten Andersen
 Brasco's Boys 
09/02/03 Picked Up K Matt Stover
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Travis Taylor
09/02/03 Picked Up Def St. Louis Defense
 The Rick 
09/02/03 Picked Up WR Santana Moss
09/02/03 Picked Up K Jeff Wilkins
Week #2 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
09/09/03 Picked Up TE Billy Miller
 Sheep Chasers 
09/09/03 Picked Up Def NY Giants Defense
 Dead in the Sights 
09/09/03 Picked Up WR Antonio Freeman
09/09/03 Dropped RB Justin Fargas
 Reef Runner Renegades 
09/09/03 Picked Up RB Ladell Betts
09/09/03 Dropped RB Jerome Bettis
 Beaver Eaters 
09/09/03 Picked Up WR Chris Chambers
09/09/03 Picked Up WR Javon Walker
09/09/03 Picked Up TE Erron Kinney
09/09/03 Picked Up RB Kevin Faulk
09/09/03 Dropped TE Frank Wycheck
 Brasco's Boys 
09/09/03 Picked Up WR Anquan Boldin
09/09/03 Dropped WR Troy Brown
 The Rick 
09/09/03 Picked Up TE Freddie Jones
Week #3 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
09/17/03 Picked Up WR Joey Galloway
09/17/03 Picked Up TE Christian Fauria
09/19/03 Dropped RB Emmitt Smith
 Beaver Eaters 
09/17/03 Picked Up Def Seattle Defense
09/17/03 Dropped RB Marcel Shipp
09/17/03 Picked Up TE Dallas Clark
09/17/03 Dropped TE Erron Kinney
 The Rick 
09/17/03 Picked Up RB Mike Anderson
09/17/03 Dropped RB Thomas Jones
Week #4 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
09/23/03 Traded WR Donald Driver to Minot Mayhem
09/23/03 Traded TE Billy Miller to Minot Mayhem
09/23/03 Received RB Garrison Hearst from Minot Mayhem
09/25/03 Picked Up Def San Fran Defense
 Sheep Chasers 
09/25/03 Picked Up K Owen Pochman
09/25/03 Dropped K John Carney
09/25/03 Picked Up TE Jim Kleinsasser
09/25/03 Picked Up RB Jerome Bettis
09/25/03 Dropped RB T.J. Duckett
 Ditka's Little Sluts 
09/25/03 Picked Up QB Patrick Ramsey
09/25/03 Picked Up WR Ike Hilliard
09/25/03 Picked Up K John Hall
09/25/03 Dropped QB Trent Green
09/25/03 Dropped WR Todd Pinkston
09/25/03 Dropped K Paul Edinger
09/26/03 Received WR Donte' Stallworth from The Rick
09/26/03 Traded QB Patrick Ramsey to The Rick
 Reef Runner Renegades 
09/25/03 Picked Up K Billy Cundiff
09/25/03 Picked Up TE Desmond Clark
09/26/03 Dropped K Olindo Mare
09/26/03 Dropped TE Marcus Pollard
09/25/03 Picked Up Def Kansas City Defense
09/25/03 Picked Up QB Jay Fiedler
09/26/03 Picked Up WR Reggie Wayne
09/26/03 Dropped Def Miami Defense
 Minot Mayhem 
09/23/03 Received WR Donald Driver from Fighting DakRats
09/23/03 Received TE Billy Miller from Fighting DakRats
09/23/03 Traded RB Garrison Hearst to Fighting DakRats
09/26/03 Dropped TE Wesley Walls
 Brasco's Boys 
09/25/03 Picked Up RB Shawn Bryson
09/26/03 Dropped Def St. Louis Defense
 The Rick 
09/25/03 Picked Up Def Denver Defense
09/25/03 Dropped Def Atlanta Defense
09/26/03 Traded WR Donte' Stallworth to Ditka's Little Sluts
09/26/03 Received QB Patrick Ramsey from Ditka's Little Sluts
Week #5 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
10/01/03 Picked Up RB T.J. Duckett
10/01/03 Dropped WR Marty Booker
Week #6 Transactions
 Reef Runner Renegades 
10/07/03 Picked Up Def Miami Defense
10/07/03 Dropped QB Kurt Warner
 Beaver Eaters 
10/07/03 Picked Up RB Mike Cloud
10/07/03 Picked Up TE Ernie Conwell
10/07/03 Picked Up QB Trent Green
10/07/03 Picked Up WR Bobby Shaw
10/07/03 Picked Up WR Keenan McCardell
10/07/03 Dropped QB Joey Harrington
10/07/03 Dropped RB Kevin Faulk
10/07/03 Dropped TE Dallas Clark
10/07/03 Dropped WR Charles Rogers
10/07/03 Dropped WR Javon Walker
Week #7 Transactions
 Dead in the Sights 
10/16/03 Picked Up QB Chad Pennington
10/16/03 Dropped WR Antonio Freeman
 Ditka's Little Sluts 
10/16/03 Picked Up Def Minnesota Defense
10/16/03 Picked Up RB Maurice Morris
10/16/03 Traded WR Donte' Stallworth to The Rick
10/16/03 Received QB Patrick Ramsey from The Rick
10/16/03 Dropped Def New Orleans Defense
10/16/03 Dropped RB Larry Johnson
 Beaver Eaters 
10/16/03 Picked Up K Josh Brown
10/16/03 Picked Up WR Johnnie Morton
10/16/03 Dropped K Jeff Reed
10/16/03 Dropped WR Bobby Shaw
 Minot Mayhem 
10/16/03 Picked Up RB Brian Westbrook
10/16/03 Dropped Def Philadelphia Defense
10/16/03 Picked Up QB Quincy Carter
10/16/03 Dropped RB Mike Alstott
 The Rick 
10/16/03 Picked Up Def Indianapolis Defense
10/16/03 Picked Up RB De'Shaun Foster
10/16/03 Picked Up RB Michael Bennett
10/16/03 Picked Up RB Domanick Davis
10/16/03 Dropped RB Stacey Mack
10/16/03 Dropped RB Mike Anderson
10/16/03 Dropped QB Kelly Holcomb
10/16/03 Dropped K David Akers
10/16/03 Received WR Donte' Stallworth from Ditka's Little Sluts
10/16/03 Traded QB Patrick Ramsey to Ditka's Little Sluts
Week #8 Transactions
 Reef Runner Renegades 
10/22/03 Picked Up TE Anthony Becht
10/22/03 Dropped RB Ladell Betts
10/22/03 Picked Up K John Kasay
10/22/03 Dropped K Ryan Longwell
 Minot Mayhem 
10/22/03 Picked Up RB Kevin Faulk
10/22/03 Dropped QB Donovan McNabb
 Brasco's Boys 
10/22/03 Picked Up TE Matt Schobel
10/22/03 Picked Up QB Jeff Blake
10/22/03 Dropped RB Shawn Bryson
10/22/03 Dropped K Matt Stover
Week #9 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
10/28/03 Picked Up K Gary Anderson
10/28/03 Picked Up RB Rudi Johnson
10/28/03 Dropped RB Trung Canidate
11/01/03 Dropped Def Green Bay Defense
 Sheep Chasers 
10/28/03 Picked Up WR Steve Smith
10/28/03 Picked Up WR Peter Warrick
10/28/03 Picked Up K Matt Stover
10/28/03 Dropped K Owen Pochman
10/28/03 Dropped WR James Thrash
10/28/03 Dropped Def Oakland Defense
 Reef Runner Renegades 
10/28/03 Picked Up WR Terry Glenn
10/28/03 Dropped Def Pittsburgh Defense
10/28/03 Picked Up QB Brian Griese
10/28/03 Dropped QB Rich Gannon
 Brasco's Boys 
10/28/03 Picked Up RB Marcel Shipp
11/01/03 Dropped RB Onterrio Smith
Week #10 Transactions
 Fighting DakRats 
11/06/03 Picked Up Def St. Louis Defense
11/07/03 Dropped Def San Fran Defense
 Beaver Eaters 
11/06/03 Picked Up QB Donovan McNabb
11/06/03 Picked Up RB Correll Buckhalter
11/07/03 Received TE Bubba Franks from The Rick
11/07/03 Traded QB Tommy Maddox to The Rick
11/07/03 Dropped RB Mike Cloud
11/07/03 Dropped TE Ernie Conwell
11/06/03 Picked Up TE Marcus Pollard
11/06/03 Dropped WR Jerry Rice
11/06/03 Picked Up WR Drew Bennett
11/06/03 Dropped WR Peerless Price
 The Rick 
11/07/03 Traded TE Bubba Franks to Beaver Eaters
11/07/03 Received QB Tommy Maddox from Beaver Eaters
Week #11 Transactions
11/11/03 Picked Up QB Jake Delhomme
11/11/03 Dropped QB Jay Fiedler
Week #12 Transactions
 Reef Runner Renegades 
11/18/03 Picked Up K Aaron Elling
11/18/03 Dropped K Billy Cundiff
 Minot Mayhem 
11/18/03 Picked Up TE Dallas Clark
11/18/03 Dropped WR Keyshawn Johnson
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